We here at Finlay-Notman are an agency daring to do things a little differently. 

With a female lead and driven team, and over 15 years experience in the industry, we have been around long enough to know how it’s done… and know that it’s time to change it.

We take things very personally.  We seek out brands that have that “je n’ais sais quoi”, and are doing something truly unique - be it the story of their beginning and the person or people behind, it to the quality of the product and the originality of the concept, right through to the values at the brands very core…

As a team we curate a tailor-made strategy exclusively for each brand, thinking outside the box and using our collective resources and relationships to leverage their strengths with our own to create a unique formula, specific to each brand's unique needs.

We choose brands that stand out and are determined to keep them that way, with a focus on working with sustainable and socially conscious brands, redefining luxury and rebranding retail.

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