Zeynep Özlem Alpay, the creative director and the founder of the brand, decided to carry her experience in business life with her new brand into the fashion industry after having served as top executive in telecommunications sector for long years. Setting the vision of her brand, Alpay targets gathering leather and elegance with an eye-catching creation. She says, that she would not allow any design to be a part of her brand, which she would not wear, or like to see on any women.

Zeynep Arçay is the name of Zeynep Özlem Alpay’s grandmother and at the same time herself.Alpay emphasizes, that her brand gets the inspiration from the strong nature of her grandmother. A brand meeting irresistible appeal of leather with a unique style: Zeynep Arçay... The brand bearing cool, vivid but feminine lines, consisting of hand-made leather clothes looking light yet so powerful that strike out with their silky textures, will make women feel special and in control of her destiny.

Zeynep Arçay offers sophisticated and modern as well timeless, above-fashion designs for women to wear easily stretching out to a stylish invitation at the evening... Leather, gaining accelerated attraction over years, gets a brand-new shape within Zeynep Arçay, as an essential part of modern identity.

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